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JP Digital prints is the best company of poster printing in chennai with both digital and offset printing methodology service. The creation of posters is one of the strengths of digital printing. Creating a suitable, impressive and quality poster requires several aspects that are not always visible to the general public. Let’s look at the keys needed to create a good poster. The design based on the specifications made by the customer is basic when it comes to creating a poster. Putting a message on a poster is not an easy task. The choice of colors, images, text, font and size of the poster are variables that must be specified. It is the most interesting part of this work, the most creative and the one with the greatest responsibility, because the design has to convince. JP Digital prints offers best quality poster printing in chennai.

Adapt The Format To The Medium

If the signage is not digital and is intended for outdoor and print advertising, the materials must be prepared for it. This means that the files will weigh more, because their size in centimetres will be greater and the resolution will be greater. For this purpose, the more quality the image has, the better the result. The recommended dots per inch for printing are 300 dpi. In this way, any designer who goes to work with the file in question, can make the necessary modifications without fear of losing quality and, once made, the printing press can have the peace of mind of having a material suitable for JP Digital best poster printing in chennai.

Type of Images to Use

The source images that are used in the composition of the poster, so that they comply with the previous guideline, will have to be as pure as possible, without understanding. The designer or designer who uses it will have many more elements to work with and to highlight in the final poster. Another existing option when in doubt of the size to use is to choose vector images. This type of files can come in different formats more standard or known, but they are created in such a way that increasing or decreasing the size does not affect its resolution for best poster printing in chennai. Thus, there is no risk of pixelating the final art if the measures are changed during the creation process and done carefully in poster printing in chennai, JP Digital prints.