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Offset printing is one of the most cheapest technique used to create superior quality printing in commercial printing measures. In the whole process of printing, firstly the inked image is carry over from a plate to rubber blanket and then finally to printing surface. The paper used in them is either sheet fed litho or web fed litho. Along with paper, several other materials are also used like rubber, fabric and wood. JP Digital Printer handles and addresses all your color and digital offset printing services.


Offset Printing / Printing Press is a repeatedly used printing technique through which the inked picture is transferred from a plate to a rubber overall, then to the printing superficial. When utilized in combination with the lithographic course of, which is in response to the repulsion of oil and water, the offset printing methodology employs a flat image provider on which the picture to be printed acquire inks from ink rollers, whereas the non-printing space attracts a water primarily based film, preserving the non-printing areas ink free. The modern internet process feeds a large reel of paper thru a large press laptop in a few parts, usually for several meters, which then prints continuously because the paper is fed through.